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Hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga

My name is Elvina. I started to be deeply involved in yoga since 2013 and now falling in love with this way of life every day even more.

I did my first HATHA YOGA teaching course in Siberia and started to give classes little by little. Also, I've leaned a lot about Ashtanga Viñasa Yoga - with Mark and Joan Darby, Petri Riisyanen,
The course RYT 200 from the Federation of Yoga of Russia with international certification. (International Yoga Alliance India). 
I'm always trying to get more knowledge from different workshops and seminars. I went to Bangkok to learn Thai massage and practice it on my students :) 

I want you to feel the beauty and balance of your soul and body, your hidden possibilities, health and harmony with a conscious practice.

We will practice Hatha and Vinyasa yoga - a dynamic style based on Ashtanga, but without a certain sequence. Vinyasa yoga includes concentration, bandhas, breathing techniques, and vinyasas themselves, warming up the body, Spreading blood and helping the energy flow in the right direction 

I do my best to find an individual approach to each student and adjust the practice based on the possibilities and limitations of each body.
I work with any levels , and I love beginners much! 

YOGA gives me a feeling of inner freedom, integrity, pure happiness and a sense of self-confidence. This brings me back to the mat again and again. Yoga is inside us already, we have to explore it and ourselves more 
I will be happy to see you on my classes and share my experience and energy with you!

See you on the mat in YOGA DOM NA GORE!

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